Top Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 has been on the top of the list of high end phones today. Yes the device is for so many months in the market, and it is quite unusual to remain at top especially in this segment. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean has also been released officially for the phone but here are certain other ROM that you can count for your Samsung galaxy S3.

Having custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3 have become one of the top choice among techie people as they want to explore more feature on their phones.

So be prepared for a tour that will take you to the “Top Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3

Custom ROM for Samsung

1. Omega V27:

This is the most popular custom ROM for Samsung developed by XDA forum developers. The reason why we have posted this ROM at the top is these ROMs are stable along with their wide range of settings. With this ROM it’s quite easy to change the theme. Omega V27 ROM are based on the basic Samsung ROM and general design of your Samsung Galaxy S3 will never change while using it.

Download Link for Omega V27

2. Super Nexus:

This is the best option if you don’t like the official Samsung Galaxy S3 themes. By configuring the mentioned custom ROM for Samsung you will feel like using a complete Nexus handset! It is our runner up just because of the perfection user will have with it. It has a smooth, reactive and simple User Interface. If you know Nexus very well than you are also aware with fact that after configuring with Super Nexus you will not have apps and options that are present in the official Samsung ROM (like Pop-up Play, S Voice, etc.).

Download Link for Super Nexus

3. RGUI Battery Friendly:

If you are techie you must be aware of terminology MIUI. And for those who are not here is the explanation.  It is an aftermarket firmware for cell phones based on the open-source Android operating system developed by Xiaomi Tech. It means it features a heavily-modified user interface that enables you to Non- Android features! As the name suggests this ROM is is intended to maximize the working time of your device. Even if you use your Galaxy S3 heavily, the charge of the battery will please your eye. Yet it is a closed platform, this custom ROM for Samsung provides you the most custom configuration options.

Download Link RGUI Battery Friendly

So, What is that you are waiting for? Define your requirements and choose any one from the above list, download it via the link and configure in your Samsung Galaxy S3. Enjoy these Custom ROM for Samsung.


    • bright says

      cuz cyanogenmod om is very very bad rom i have ever seen,it reduced perfomance and effectiveness of galaxy with stock roms,but it give littlebit battery life if u want a good batery life why were u choosing galaxy just go and buy nokia 1100 batery life is for 1 week.

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