Top 5 Free Daily Use Android Apps

It’s true, Android is one of the most popular OS for the Smartphone or I can say most of the Smartphone’s rely on Android, this is the reason that android apps market is increasing day by day. If you have Android Smartphone and there are no apps then it is of no use better to use simple phones (kidding), I know it’s impossible but have you ever think which are the most important daily use android apps?

What we think is that Android is just for playing games and to use some applications which we are addicted to it, i.e., Whats-app, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Apart from all these free apps there are many great apps that you can use daily for many purposes like reading the news, writing notes, studying, etc.

So, here I came up with “Top 5 Free Daily Use Android Apps”.

1. UMANO: News read to you

daily use android apps

In the morning, no one has time to read the newspaper. Think, if some other person reads news for you then? Of course you will like to hear it, but it’s impossible in today’s world. With the help of Android Smartphone this is possible, just use the Umano application and you will hear real people with amazing voices read interesting news articles to you. Include this app as one of the daily use android apps and start exploring the world. You can also browse news, select specific categories according to your choice, make a playlist similar to the music playlist that you can hear afterwards and as well as download your playlist for offline listening and of course sharing with your friends. So, grab this application for free and start listening your favorite news by some other person!

2. TED

Top 5 Free Daily Use Android Apps

TED abbreviated as “Technology, Entertainment, Design”. This application provides talks in the form of videos and audios from some of the world’s most fascinating people regarding education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus, and music legends. This application is helpful to everyone as it includes audios and videos of all categories. No problem if you a technical or educated or medical guy, just search your relevant audios/videos and start watching it. About more than 1200 videos or audio recordings and more are being added each week, to walk along with the modern & technological world. Grab it at no cost!

3. Tango Text, Voice, Video Calls

Daily Use Android Apps

Calls and Messages are most important in our daily life because we can communicate with anyone in any corner of the world through a small electronic device. An application called “Tango” allows you to call and send text for free, a simple condition requires that you have to enable internet connection. I am loving this application and this is on top in my daily use android apps. This application is supported on Android platform. You can make voice calls, video calls and text messages for free and get connected with your family and friends. Grab this application for free.

4. Catch Notes

Top 5 Free Daily Use Android Apps

Notes means some small points which gives an overview of an whole idea. Many people takes notes because their remembering power is less, some people takes notes as their hobby and others have the habit of taking notes. So, for all these people its compulsory to carry pen and paper, but it is not possible to carry everywhere there are some exception. For those people an application called “Catch Notes” is available for free, which allows them take notes and capture ideas in Android Smartphone. Grab it for free and start catching notes easily!

5. IMDb Movies & TV

Top 5 Free Android Apps for daily use

This is the best daily use android apps for movie freaks. When we are tired, most of the times we go for watching movie with friends. But from 2-3 movies we have to choose one best movie that entertain all of us, there is one way we can ask someone who has already watched the movie and in result we get different reviews so how to decide which is the best one? With the help of “IMDb Movies & TV” application this problem will be solved in minutes, search your movie title and get the actual review voted by the real people. You can also search latest movie trailers & dates, TV titles, celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and other crew members. Be updated with the latest releases for free.

Hope these daily use android apps will make your life much easier and connected with world.


  1. Hunter says

    Thanks for posting these everyday apps, Ravinder. I think I might want to check out Umano and Catch Notes later this evening after I get home from my shift at DISH. There’s another app that I use everyday called DISH Anywhere. It streams live TV and DVR recordings from my home to my phone over 3g, 4g and WIFI. Right now I’m using it to watch WrestleMania; I should be watching it at home, sadly I have to work, but that doesn’t mean I have to miss any of the action.

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