Download ‘BackTrack 6′ named as ‘Kali Linux’

Download 'BackTrack 6' named as 'Kali Linux'

Finally, “BackTrack 6 code-named Kali Linux” is out in the market. This is the new version from the creators of BackTrack released after a long span of time from the previous version of BackTrack (i.e. BackTrack 5). Of course, for a normal Linux user this is not a great news, but for the Hackers it is the new tool to work with and achieve their goals. For the last seven years five awesome versions of BackTrack have been released. But in order to achieve higher goals, the team decided to leave the 4 years old development architecture and in result ‘Kali Linux‘ born.

This time the team has made some changes like ‘Kali Linux‘ is based on Debian Linux, instead of Ubuntu and provide solutions to bugs and security fixes to this newly Linux OS – ‘BackTrack 6′, they have repositories synchronize with the Debian repositories 4 times a day, constantly giving latest updates to the users to use it more efficiently.

Another great feature introduced is that, because of the Debian compliant system, you can download Kali Linux Installation/ISO directly from the Kali database server. This will enable user to build their own customization of Kali Linux, as well as they can able to do enterprise network installs from a local or remote repository. The Kali Linux ARM Architecture images work smoothly on Samsung ARM Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, ODROID U2 / X2 and SainSmart SS808.

The main purpose to release ‘Kali Linux’ is to build next penetration testing Linux distribution. It includes more than 300 penetration testing tools, one can use all the tools for free. No doubt! It is an open source so everyone can download and use for different purposes. It supports Vast wireless device, GPG signed packages and repos, Multi-language, Completely customizable make this distribution as one of the best available masterpiece for ‘Hackers’.

You can download Kali Linux from here and the default root password is “toor


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